Nutrina is the exclusive distributor of 15 brands with over 300 product lines

About Us

Our carefully selected group of internationally distinguished brands are recognized globally for their quality and leading market positions. Each product is carefully crafted to meet every consumer’s needs and desires. At Nutrina, we are proud to dominate Kuwait’s market with brand leaders, such as Tropicana Slim sweeteners, Cantina Maria bakery products, and Suhana spice mixtures.

We continuously strive to raise our standards and ensure that every step in the distribution chain meets our exacting requirements. Our warehouses are outsourced to Agility Logistics, a distinguished company with an outstanding national and international reputation. When combined with our own dedicated delivery fleet, we ensure all our products are handled with the utmost care from warehouse receival to customer delivery.

Our focus on quality, our attention to detail and our skilled and dedicated team make us the no.1 choice for health food and consumer distribution in Kuwait and Bahrain.

What we do

Satisfying every customer is the core of our business. Our sophisticated and constantly evolving market analysis is focused on invigorating the marketplace with high quality products that solve a problem, cover a need, or satisfy a craving. Our dedicated and highly experienced sales team covers public and private supermarkets throughout Kuwait.

How we serve you

Nutrina strives to improve every day. We are proud to say that our business resources are tirelessly focused on representing and distributing your products, efficiently and effectively, from the customs port to the consumer. It is our dedication to service that makes us the perfect choice for health food and consumer product distribution needs


At Nutrina, we live by our philosophy to bring quality to every stage of our work. From the warehouse handlers and fleet drivers to our sales professionals and management, we never accept second best. Each of the three main phases of our business—distribution, marketing and sales—is driven by a desire to provide outstanding service for every client.

This philosophy is at the core of everything we do and is reflected in our history—from humble beginnings to a powerhouse of health food and consumer product distribution.

We believe relationships are the key to our business. Each client is given a tailored approach to best suit their brands and we aim to provide a first-class long-term relationship defined by trust and respect.

Our Values and Goals

To anchor our philosophy and to guide us in our work, Nutrina has set values and goals that reflect our ethos.


Integrity – We are honest and realistic in our capacities, capabilities and promises

Commitment – We adhere to our promises transparently for every partner

Teamwork – we reflect our cooperative spirit in the service we provide and products we deliver


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